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    Hello, to whoever is reading this.
    I am a UK fan who is currently doing her GCSEs. One of my subjects is Photography, though I have a keen interest in that, I’ve always wanted to try my luck in Film Making. With that, Ive decided to look at making a music video with the song ‘Maybe, I’ and I am wanting to post that, once I have made it and edited it, onto YouTube. Obviously, copyright claims exist and I want to contact Daniel about me using one of his epic songs in my video, so it doesn’t get taken down. My lovely teacher has told me it is hard and so far it’s looking like that, also told me to include that it would be mutually beneficial towards both of us, since it would promote the song even more. Trust me, if the music video is bad, Il scrap it. Might have my hope up to high but I think it would be good.

    Anyone willing to help me contact Des Rocs?


    hey! it’s pretty easy to get ahold of him thru Instagram dm’s!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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