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    I will go first

    I heard his music first on the Borderlands trailer, and that sounded so cool and different that I had to get more. I think the second song I heard was Maybe I, then I got completely hooked.

    What about you guys?


    I was just typing in random stuff in Spotify and one day this gem popped up and I’ve never turned back.


    I saw that he was opening up for the struts and I usually like the bands they tour with!


    the grandson tour. changed my world.


    Was trying to find more rock artists using a website that gave suggestions based on what you already like


    I heard him in one of my daily mixes on Spotify and the rest is history


    They opened for The Struts and I was blown away by the performance and the music. I downloaded and memorized every song the next day and have gone to every show in my state since then and memorized every song.

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    I found Awolnation from the Borderlands opening scenes and loved them, those games have the best taste!

    As for Des Rocs, well… storytime! I was at Sun Fest 2019 in Florida with some friends. We were looking at the setlists deciding what bands to go see and saw DR on there. I thought it was going to be some spanish band (Dey Roches is how I pronounced it in my head lol.) We pulled them up on spotify and listened to a few songs like Let me Live, Let me Die and decided they would definitely be worth seeing. So we did. Their crowed was small, not much energy… I actually was kind of annoyed because the boys were absolutely blowing the top off of that stage with their energy. I was ready to go into the small group of people and start swinging just to get some movement, but instead just watched them make their magic.
    I looked them up after that to try to find when they’d be closer to me up in New England. Saw some radio station’s party on the list but didn’t end up going to that because it just didn’t work with my job schedule. Luckily, the tour with the Struts was in town that fall and I went again. That was an amazing show. caught them again in Boston that winter with The Glorious Sons, again got bummed when they were playing the hell out of With a Little Help From My Friends and hardly anyone in the crowd would sing along. But now they’re on a headlining tour finally and I’m ready to rock and roll at least twice with these lunatics!


    Ayy same here!! I saw him open for Grandson in ATL and was BLOWN AWAY


    I still remember it like yesterday, it was close to midnight in 2018. I was getting ready to bike to a friend’s house and put on an imagine dragons radio, then after believer, was let me live let me die. I was hooked in the first 10 seconds! That song spoke to my very soul i was like yes!! This is who I am deep inside! I looked him up and he only had 3 other songs HVY MTL DRMR, Maybe I, and Used to the Darkness loved them all and every other song since then!
    He’s my top artist and that’s never gonna change 😂😂 it’s crazy I’ll finally be able to see him in concert soon can’t wait to rage and go crazy!!


    I first seen him and his amazing band open for the Rolling Stones in Phila.


    I loveee The Boys, and I consider it my favorite series since season 1,so when I was already hyped about the trailer for season 2,I was so eager to see this unique and beautifully crazy series, but let me live/let me die completely blew my mind and I felt hypnotized to following the great artist behind those soundss & lyrics


    I had shuffle on my Spotify and I was going through all the songs and a song with the name out of my mind by Des Rocs shows up on my phone. At the time I was walking home in a full downpour from a friends house I didn’t want to be at. But I started listening to his discography after that and I absolutely fell in love with his music. Soon hopefully I will be getting a tattoo of the this is our life icon on my wrist. His music is inspiring to me and it keeps me going through out my days and trust me my days are hard honestly. But now I’m a mega fan of his music and hopefully I will be at one of his concerts!

    Love you all
    Cutterbear 🧸


    my friend tried to introduce me to des rocs back when he only had a few songs up on spotify, but i never bothered to check him out. then when the bl3 trailer came out, we watched it together and he was asking if i liked the song, which i fucking did, then tells me it was des rocs who he was trying to get me to listen to, so i finally did and omg i was amazed!

    been completely hooked ever since!


    Borderlands 3 Trailer… Let me Live/Let me Die, Distorted Guitars knock my fucking socks off! Legit been hooked ever since 2019!

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