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    random idea: if this forum gets big enough i think we should have rat packs (either groups or maybe a hierarchy, and packs are tagged by rat species)
    – if it’s a hierarchy, it could be based on the popularity of our posts in this forum, merch purchases, etc.
    – and for rat packs it would be cool to have quizzes on lyrics and stuff that earn us points for our rat pack, with a leaderboard or something showing who’s winning for the week
    – rat packs could be randomized, based on location, or maybe chosen manually
    definitely a really complicated idea but it would be fun in the future :))

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    I like where you’re going with it… not big on the “hierarchy based on merch purchases” because that kind of rules out folks with tougher financial situations.
    Location would be awesome though, I’d love to connect with more New England Filthies. Maybe an age group one as well.


    Loving the whole rat packs idea! We could determine which pack you’re in by which rat species is more dominant in the area you live. That could make it easier to connect with other Filthies in a given area.


    ohh yeah you’re right, that’s a really good point!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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